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Type and management
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Release date: 2014-07-28
1, the type of explosion-proof tools
Explosion-proof tools production of our country has from the two varieties of development in the early 80 s to the hand tools, fire engineering tools, assembly fixture, plate, and transmission parts and so on nearly 40 kinds of more than 300 specifications
2, explosion-proof tools management
2, 1 quality management
(1) according to national standard "explosion-proof tools" GBl0686-10693-89 copper alloy tool explosion-proof performance test method, the manufacturer in normal production, every 2 ~ 3 years should be materials to make product sample to the designated by the state inspection unit and a periodic explosion-proof performance test.
After passing in the test report and product specification made clear that what kind of gas in the test, to the user.
(2) explosion-proof tools, the materials used in fused cast ingredients, materials (such as electrolytic copper) each element into the factory, supply department hold manufacturers material single, storage the factory before the assay.
Outbound to smelting workshop ingredients used, if no qualified material list, workshop shall have the right to refuse to acquisition.
(3) the ingredients of the metrological work, the first measurement point is set in raw materials warehouse, guarantee for the accurate.
Before furnace workshop (fused) measurement points, set to the complex (school) part-time measurers through, recognition, after being signed before charging smelting.
(4) explosion-proof tools material of harmful elements, kept under strict control smelting, after each batch or each furnace (no matter how much weight or volume) tests must be conducted.
But is not going to test before the furnace, can only stay.
Casting to test, so in the smelting, when heating process was reached in the charge, charge temperature, furnace (experience) inform the part-time workers by visual inspection engineer with a thermometer reiteration, metal with a small spoon to stir 3 1 scoop (total 3 teaspoons) sample before furnace.
Long furnace promptly hammer percussion sample, make its bent into perspective.
Part-time inspector will break visual section metal specimen to knock.
Metallographic approval rear can pouring castings with experience, and at the same time deliver sample laboratory test. After waiting for test results qualified, in order to transfer the qualified castings for processing of next working procedure.
(5) explosion-proof material physical properties of the specimen, monthly standard as-cast 6 block, block, each furnace every day take not more than a block.
Make permanent mark after inspection, physical properties of the laboratory.
Above chemical test, the physical properties of the test piece shall be kept by the physical and chemical sector.
(6) other inspection process, such as forging, heat treatment, such as metal-cutting process, should clear its crucial also.
Such as forging workshop, the workpiece must be heated to a temperature of combustion, fuel heating conditions has change and influence on microstructure is, should sampling, repeat the physical and chemical test.
For heat treatment process should be so, but the heat treatment method is varied; Mainly heating and cooling.
Explosion-proof material artifacts to penetrate into different elements, it is very, it should be made of the sample, not only repeated (4) (5) regulation, need according to provisions of GBl0686 explosion-proof performance test shall be considered qualified.
Surface treatment except with rustproof sleeve shall not be any other coatings.
Ensure geometry is the focus of the cold, to guarantee the users to use, according to the design and manufacture.
2, 2, use management
Explosion-proof tools is a special kind of security special tools, itself has the collision and friction in the tool and the workpiece does not produce sparks.
Most varieties of specifications is according to the steel tool descended, only on the material used for copper matrix of multielement non-ferrous metal, some products are specially designed.
So, to use a method, maintenance, storage transport has certain requirements.
Only fully understand the reasonable choice and correct use and keep it, to give full play to its advantages of various kinds of performance.
So users should strictly abide by the following considerations.
(1) explosion-proof tools is a kind of security and protection products, so the user must buy approved by national explosion-proof performance test unit testing qualified products.
Carefully when buy understand the instruction of the range, performance, characteristics, use method and matters needing attention.
In addition, in their work usually marked on the specific "Ex" logo, well have a certificate of approval.
No sign of the tool cannot be used casually buy.
(2) before use explosion-proof tools, should be the combustible gas in the workplace compared with explosion-proof test gas; With a high level of medium testing qualified products, can be used to dangerous levels low medium.
On the other hand, according to the low level medium test qualified products will not be used in the place of high level of risk. If special needs, please manufacturers to test the unit after passing test before using.
Obviously, should not be any use as a common tool in the dangerous places, so as not to lose its proper performance.
Should point out is don't replace use, such as the production specifications can't meet the needs of the user conditions, to apply for the special design and manufacturing.
(3) explosion-proof medium in most medium gas is high strength, corrosion resistance.
But it is not in all cases is corrosion resistant, as some on the wet ammonia, ammonium salt, acetylene, damp fluoride, ammonium chloride, chromium, some bichromate, hydrogenated potassium medium, such as the degree of corrosion are considerable.
After contact with the copper alloy and some media will happen chemical reaction, generate a high risk of explosive substances, such as acetylene and toughened connation of acetylene cylinders.
Use explosion-proof tools for this purpose, as far as possible in the dry environment, such as impossible to avoid when used in damp environment, just try to speed up the operation, reduce the working time, in order to avoid causing significant corrosion and dangerous.
At any time to wipe clean after use, and it is strictly prohibited and have: corrosion medium with a total storage.
(4) various wrench, explosion-proof hand tools have different nominal strength, it is forbidden to add casing overload use, except the percussion wrench class may not knock, lest cause fracture and deformation due to overload, affect the normal use.
In the process of using the tool should be rationally choose according to need specifications, generation in small to big,

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