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Explosion-proof tools development present situation
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Release date: 2014-07-25
Explosion-proof Tools (Non - sparking Tools) is made of beryllium copper alloy, aluminum, copper alloy material of special Tools, suitable for coal mines, chemical industry, refinery, mining, oil, natural gas, oil, gas, nuclear power plants, power plants, fireworks, arms, oil tanker, tank truck and other high-risk industries field use, is a flammable and explosive work environment, the prevention of fire and explosion accident must choose special Tools.
The development of a, explosion-proof tools
Explosion-proof tools production began in the 1940 s. At present, in addition to China, Japan, the United States, Germany, Russia and other countries also have explosion-proof tools of production capacity. In the mid - 1980 - s, the country has developed a half-dozen explosion-proof tools, specializing in the production of the unit production has reached dozens of varieties and specifications, and by the light ministry organization related manufacturers and experts to develop our country's national standard (GB 10686-89), explosion-proof tools (GB 10687-10687-10687). Including: explosion-proof performance test method (consistent with domestic test method), octagonal hammer explosion-proof, explosion-proof ring spanner, explosion-proof check hammer with stay wrench, explosion-proof, explosion-proof cover wrench with barrels. The standard experience two changes: one was released in 1999 recommended by national standard to industry standard QB/T3872-1999. And then again in 2003 changed to QB/T2623.7-2003 in use today. According to 2007 the spirit of the grasp of safety work conference held in the national development and reform commission and China light industry federation (former ministry of light industry) instructions: request to strengthen the inspection of explosion-proof tools quality detection and the standardization of the explosion-proof tools standard, set up production permit system. According to the instructions, quality supervision and testing center is responsible for organizing and light industry explosion-proof tools made the national mandatory standard of explosion-proof tools products, and formally incorporated into 2008 work plan and work tasks. Required to upgrade the explosion-proof tools recommended by the industry standard to national mandatory standard, as explosion-proof tools industry standardization, standardization work has made a new basis. 2008 national light industry explosion-proof tools of quality supervision inspection center will be entirely responsible for and organize the production units and all aspects of the experts, related resources of foreign standards, according to the actual situation of our country, and made the discussion of the new national standard, after many modification after discussion, report the China light industry federation has carried on the omni-directional demonstration review and pass strictly, has been reported to China's national standards committee for approval.
Since the 1980 s, in twenty years, our country's manufacturing explosion-proof tools by the first five or six companies, a dozen specifications, more than 30 companies manufacturing, development to today's thousands of varieties and specifications. Has gradually become a explosion-proof tools production base in China, the makers of developed countries to China to look for cooperation manufacturer, purchasing explosion-proof tools, to meet the needs of the foreign relevant industry is inevitable trend.

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