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Explosion-proof tools use matters needing attention
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Release date: 2014-07-28
1, explosion-proof tools for our tasks in the task of the flammable and explosive and erosion brought the guarantee of peace mission personnel, this makes our society peace increasingly perfect, also make our staff task more peace of mind.
Explosion-proof tools in use after the end of our daily tasks, there should be a solid maintenance stage, about the life of the tool is a very crucial effect, since if the improper maintenance of the explosion-proof tools, it is possible to make our explosion-proof tools not persistence to help us. Behold we have put the explosion-proof tools in boring local storage, this is in order to make the task of local components are not damaged.
In our daily tasks should continue hitting 20 times after attachments to dealing with the appearance of tool, wipe clean after use, absolutely don't continue to use, to avoid due to friction and can make the tools heated over a long time, so much the tools we will be able to damage the product.
2, after use to wipe clean appearance, and from sediments, placement of boring local peace keeping.
3, percussion tools products, not the continuation of attacks, beyond the due and proper intermittent, ten times more real-time clear adhesive product parts of debris before continued use.
4, wrench product class is not a force is applied, more can't use the casing or tied to other metal material extended arm, and with hammers, with the exception of percussion wrench to knobs fasteners.
5, edge tools should be put inside the sink quietly contact grinding wheel for grinding, don't become too hard grinding wheel and the contact time is too long.
6, in break a kind of tool practice operations, must clean up the scene clutter and task oxide surface erosion, avoid outsider hit.
Based on the above features and application of aluminum copper alloy in normal use process is applied to atmospheric pressure equipment and explosion-proof requirement not too harsh conditions (e.g., gas stations, small oil depot, etc.). Usability and beryllium copper alloy explosion-proof tool function (such as oil refineries, turn QiZhan, gas recovery plant, drilling crew, etc.).
7, all kinds of oil products used to clean up before appearance, not according to the steel used things refer to package insert.
Earth drill made of iron and steel materials, picks, hammer, wrench, wrench, hook, etc, and equipment during the course of its dramatic move or falling off the hand of the friction and collision sparks is shaded spark origin, so these things can't be used in the explosion risk places. Explosion risk area of course requirements with explosion-proof tools, advances the lessons of safe sex. 0 district, for the most risk areas, and the attack explosion easily, 1 area, as the risk area, easily attack explosion, 2 area, as the peace zone, fundamentally explosion will not attack.
Cangzhou denon explosion-proof tools co., LTD. Production of explosion-proof tools have more than 300 series, more than 5000 specifications, the pass rate of 100%. This product can effectively avoid tool and task content of friction and impact occurs when combustible explode, ensure national wealth and personal safety. 99 national explosion-proof safe product testing center of our company product specific detection, blunt (hit) on friction, drop hammer test pass rate of 100%, with GB10686-89 national standard. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, oil refining, petrochemical, power generation, shipbuilding, metallurgy, machinery processing industries such as maintenance maintenance tasks.

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