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The characteristics of explosion-proof tools and types
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Release date: 2014-07-25
Explosion-proof tools with excellent properties and widely used, in fact, explosion-proof tools material also is not the same, different materials have different properties, the following is to introduce the characteristics of copper alloy explosion-proof tools is what?
Copper alloy is not carbon inside, is unlikely to aerobic - iron - carbon chain reaction, so in use with objects in the impact friction may produce a spark, so also called non-sparking tools, explosion-proof tools it is an important feature of the explosion-proof tools.
Copper alloy explosion-proof tool hardness is bigger, very wear-resisting, its strength is very big, there are two kinds of material, mainly is the beryllium bronze alloy and aluminum bronze alloys, beryllium bronze material in this work the hardness more than HRC35 °, the tensile strength is big, beryllium copper alloy also has anti magnetic performance, in a strong magnetic field environment can be normal use, the material of aluminum bronze work surface hardness than HRC25 °, its tensile strength is big, two kinds of material's thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity are very good.
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