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Mechanical properties of pure copper (purple)
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Release date: 2014-07-25
The strength of the pure copper is moderate, plasticity is good, in the condition of low temperature, the mechanical properties of pure copper is not reduced, is an ideal engineering material in low temperature.
The mechanical properties of pure copper and cold working ratio, annealing temperature, the grain size has a close relationship, the strength index increased with increasing along with the processing, plastic index fell, and after deformation of pure copper material, with increasing temperature, intensity index decline, plasticity index, in 200-400 ℃, intensity index and the plastic index change at the same time, the temperature range in pure copper material recrystallization took place in phase change process; Pure copper work hardening is not significant, can withstand more than 90% cold deformation, therefore has the good process performance.
Explosion-proof tools of copper alloy material grain size has also has an important effect on the mechanical properties, the practice shows that grain size of 0.02 0.05 mm material has good comprehensive performance, the grain size is too small plastic decline, while excessive grain size in the processing of material surface pitting, stamping parts, surface roughness, corrugate pipe bending, also called orange peel phenomenon; Especially grain deformation along the same direction, the system of stamping parts have ear defects, typically characterized by 45 ° direction, the working rate, the greater the final annealing temperature is lower, the more susceptible to ear defect.

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